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History Of Peruvian Cuisine

New Dishes - Ancient Ingredients

Using quality ingredients considered commodities during the time of the Inca Emipire, Aji Limon creates dishes packed with taste and nutrition including potatoes, corn, peanuts, peppers, and seafood which flourished for thousands of years in the Andes and off the coast of Peru. Featured in Aji Limon’s dishes are ingredients brought over by Spanish conquistadors during the 16th century such as European style desserts, chicken, beef, and citrus fruits.


These traditional gourmet fusions include aji chili peppers, originating in the Americas where they have been cultivated for over 7,000 years; archeological excavations have found aji peppers may be the first spice with which ancient Peruvians seasoned their dishes. Experience and enjoy the delicious world famous cuisine and culture of Peru at the best Peruvian restaurant in Southwest Florida, Aji Limon!

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Peruvian cuisine, a fusion of Spanish and native Peruvian cooking, is considered one of the most important and richest cuisines in the world. Dating back to pre-Inca, Inca, Spanish, African, Chinese, Japanese and Italian influences, traditional Peruvian cuisine is full of rich flavors from four continents, providing a unique and diverse variety of dishes. Today, you can enjoy over 2,500 different soups and more than 250 delicious assortments of desserts along the Peruvian coast.

Peru’s Muti-Cultural Fusion

The influences and styles of Peruvian cooking can be divided into several basic regional categories: costal, central coastal (including Peru’s capital, Lima), northern coastal, the Andes Mountains and the Peruvian Amazon. Coastal and central coastal cooking are both rich in seafood from the Pacific Ocean, but differ in that the central coastal region features Chinese and Japanese cuisine by adding rice to raw fish dishes. The northern coast of Peru often features stewed meats.

Regional Diversity

Moving in-land to the Andes Mountains, you can find cooking traditions dating back to pre-Inca times, including maize, potatoes and various types of meat including the occasional Guinea pig or alpaca. Cuisine in the Peruvian Amazon differs from all other regions in that it features ingredients only found in the jungle, such as select species of river fish and unique forest fruits.

The Andes Mountains

& Peruvian Amazon

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   Immerse Yourself In Peru's

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Aji Limon Peruvian Restaurant

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        Aji Limon Ceviche & Carbon

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        1336 SE 46th Lane, CAPE CORAL, FL 33903


           Aji Limon Taste of Peru

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